GTB is a big player in the Nigerian economy. The silence of the inept APC administration in the saga of GTB-Innoson-EFCC is deafening. Magu is illegally heading the EFCC. Illegality begets illegality. A court judgment removing Magu will not be honored by the Buhari administration. The EFCC will arrest the judge making the order for paying his/her bills with only 1000 Naira bills and not smaller denominations of the Naira. This is proof of corruption. The Senate can block funding of Alhaji Ibrahim Magu and his illegal agency.

The action of the Buhari EFCC has led to a run on GTB. This is bad for an economy in recession. The Goodluck Jonathan Administration was law abiding and obeyed court orders. Anyone satirizing Buhari and Aisha as they did to Jonathan and Patience will have been swallowed by pythons or eaten by crocodiles. Most responsible governments will make a statement urging depositors not to withdraw their deposits but not this maladministration. That the administration through its attorney general, Alhaji Abubakar Malami claims ignorance of the arrest of Mr. Innocent Chukwuma is more befuddling. Can the EFCC arrest Alhaji Aliko Dangote without the approval of Abuja? Aliko Dangote is to Kano what Innocent Chukwuma is to Anambra.

GTB is guilty of conniving with the EFCC (Enforcing Fraudulent Criminal Complaints) to avoid paying a judgment. GTB’s tepid press release is an afterthought. Why hide the fraudulent activities of your customers until you are sued for illegal deductions from their accounts? GTB gained financially from the “fraudulent activities” by illegally withdrawing excessive fees from the transactions. On discovering GTB’s financial malfeasance, Innocent Chukwuma and Innoson promptly sued GTB and won judgment. Currently, the judgment amount is 8.6 billion Naira. GTB invokes the criminal EFCC with help of its benefactors in the APC to avoid paying the monetary damages. During the entire legal proceedings, which is now at the Supreme Court of Nigeria, why didn’t GTB or the courts discover the illegality of manufacturing automobiles in Nnewi, Nigeria? Africastallestman hopes that Otunba and Pastor are not involved in this.

GTB, remember that you are licensed by the Federal Government of Nigeria. The Central Bank of Nigeria, if Nigeria still has one, can take over GTB if found to be run by criminals. Claiming that Mr. Innocent Chukwuma and Innoson falsified documents is hogwash. Africastallestman wishes that more Nigerians would falsify documents to create more jobs in Nigeria. Africastallestman is also currently falsifying documents to open Port Harcourt Seaport and open a tractor manufacturing facility in the city to aid Nigerian agriculture. Mbok!

The EFCC should be arresting the Chairman and Managing Director of GTB for not honoring court judgments on financial matters.
This government of impunity must end.

Africastallestman does not support withdrawing money from GTB.


  1. Fantastic job and Thanks again for your help and support.
    IGBOS ARE beginning to learn their own lesson… through what is happening to Mr Chukwuma….
    Praise the Lord…

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