Yes! Yes!! and Yes!!!

It is wired for foreign dependence and other races that are fully aware of this genetic electrical malfunction are taking Africans to the “cleaners.”

Africans prefer foreign clothing, foreign food, foreign wine, foreign automobiles, foreign hospitals, and foreign wives if they can lay their hands on one. African infrastructure is built by foreigners. African natural resources are exploited by foreigners and African leaders are controlled by their former foreign slave masters.

How stupid can a people be to petition the United States President about Libyan (Arab) slavery when the African countries whose citizens are being enslaved in Libya are?

1. Maintaining diplomatic relations with Libya.

2. Arresting their citizens for protesting against Libyan slavery, torture, and murder.

3. Providing around the clock security for murderous Libyan diplomats.

4. Not approaching the Security Council for sanctions against Libya.

5. Not recalling their ambassadors to Libya.

6. Not petitioning the Arab League.

7. Not laying Islamic curses on Libya.

There is a petition circulating on the Internet by a group called CitizenGo to the US President to intervene in the Libyan slave trade.

Africastallestman was utterly amazed and flabbergasted to see Africans circulating the petition for signatures.

“CitizenGO’s Board of Trustees is composed of Ignacio Arsuaga, Walter Hintz, Blanca Escobar, Luca Volonte, Brian Brown, Gualberto García, Alexey Komov, Alejandro Bermudez and John-Henry Westen.” There is no African on this board. Foreigners trying to help Africans while African leaders hobnob with Libya.

This is another instance of foreigners fighting African causes. Russians fought the Nazis, and the Vietnamese fought the Americans. Both won against much superior forces. If American invaded Africa, Africans may call on Martians to fight the Americans. President Donald Trump has made “America First,” his mantra. If selling Africans as slaves in Libya will make America great again, you know the obvious!

Africastallestman believes that this brain malfunction is genetic and may take thousands of years to be evolutionarily corrected. Education has failed to correct the malfunction. An African with a Ph.D. is afflicted as much as the villager with NFE (No Formal Education).


  1. I concur that African brains are wired not only differently, but wrongly. African leaders are the laughing stock of their counterparts all over the world. What do you expect from a continent for the most part tolorate incompetence over competence. Use Nigeria as an example of where incompetent people are in control while competent and qualified have been relegated to the end of the line due to intimidation and use of murder and criminality as a weapon against opponents. At the rate most African countries are going, it will take 100 years to recover from this nonsense.

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