Choose your flavor of religious extremism – Buddhist, Christian, Islamist, Others.
Docile Buddhist Monks are killing Rohingya Muslims in Myanmar.
Christians are slowly killing other citizens in America by denial of health services.
Islamists are beheading non-believers in the name of Allah – God.
Hindus are killing Muslims in India and banning the eating of meat.
Religious extremism, a threat to world peace.

When questioned, God disavowed all killings in God’s name.
“Humans, never fight for God, I fight my own battles.”
“Redemption, impossible if you kill in my name.”
“I approve all religions, disapprove of killings in my name.”
“Why would anyone kill in my name? – except in self-defense.”
Religious extremism, a threat to world peace.

Solution – practice your religion privately and quietly.
Religious freedom, not religious impunity and mayhem.
Respect every religion and non-believers.
Your God will deal with them, not you or your weapons.
Religion is toxic when combined with politics and politicians.
Religious extremism, a threat to world peace.

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