Britain, Cameron, Obama, Axelrod, and Chatham House gave us Buhari.
Plunged Nigeria into recession, impunity, and human right abuses.
25 billion dollars in unverified contracts, billions discovered in apartments and water reservoirs.
Zillions used in cutting Aso Rock lawns and overseas trips.
Quintillions lost under Health Insurance Scheme, yes scheme.
Recovered trillions and Paris Club Fund Refunds missing.
A favorite son can do no wrong in the eyes of a sponsor.

Recovered loot under Buhari being recycled, bypassing “Panama” and “Paradise..”
And going back to the hypocritical West.
Is Britain only concerned about money, not humans?
Millions killed by Boko Haram – no comment.
Thousands killed by Fulani Herdsmen – no comment.
Unverified 32 billion dollars missing in 6 years under Jonathan- arrange a firing squad.
Britain, when are you going to return Nigeria’s looted money and artifacts?
Hypocrites will always be hypocrites.

Successful PDP Convention causing jitters in Whitehall.
Let’s release one effluvious bomb after another to boost our favorite APC son.
Your days of divide and rule are gone – Buhari will soon be history.
He has squandered his goodwill and left a long lasting bad will.
Next, Jonathan will be accused of amalgamating 50 religions and 371 tribes into Nigeria.
Remove the Brexit in your eyes before commenting on Nigeria.
The Nigerian gossamer will unravel with or without your cooperation.
Hypocritical advisers worse than no advisers.

Next, British Prime Minister will not have O Level results.
In politics according to hypocrites, less education is better.
Uneducated African Leaders, more amenable to foreign control and guidance.
Christian Western Nations prefer Muslim leaders for Africa.
Feudalism more amenable to foreign hegemony.
In feudalism, political and religious leadership rests in one individual.
With Buhari, a deep unbridgeable religious schism has surfaced in Nigeria.
Hypocrites mind your business.

Buhari is fighting corruption according to hypocritical Britain,
When corruption is said to be fighting corruption in Nigeria,
Then, the Taliban is a civil rights organization in Afghanistan.
Do you need any further definition of Hypocrites?
When a so-called civilized nation exhibits irredeemable hypocrisy,
For economic and financial gain, the end time is near – apologies to rapturists.
2.8 billion dollars missing under Buhari in 1978 traced to British Midland Bank.
Hypocrites complain when the loot bypasses them.


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