To the West, Muslims are terrorists, are extremists, are pedophiles.
A total Muslim shutdown required to safeguard Western freedoms.
To protect Western institutions, democracy, and way of life.
Islam inseparable from the state, bad for Western democracy.
Good for Western hypocrisy.

Islam inseparable from state — good for third world nations.
Inseparability of state from religion — good for the West.
Control of state and religion resides in one individual.
Same individual is the ultimate decider — good for Western democracy.
And excellent for Western hypocrisy.

Third world Christians too cosmopolitan and democratic — bad for the West.
Religion separable from state in Christian democracies — no single decider.
Negotiations with Christians, tortuous, prolonged, and equitable — bad for the West.
For developing and third world nations, Muslim dictatorship is preferred to Christian democracy.
Western hypocrisy amplified.

Christian West shunning Christian democracies — in third world nations.
Any more proof of religious Western hypocrisy?
Universal in Western democracies is the worship of money.
Muslim dictatorships deliver more money to the West than Christian democracies — in third world nations.
Western religious hypocrisy!

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