Following the groundswell of sexual harassment of females by powerful Hollywood men, people have been wondering about sexual abuse of males by powerful Hollywood females. You may have to wait till judgment day. It is speculated that the males enjoy the harassment and are unwilling to cooperate with the police. They do not report the abuse to the police. They are afraid their horny abusers will stop abusing them and divert their harassment to other male subjects.

One such male subject of sexual abuse by a powerful Hollywood female, Mr. T refused to cooperate with the police. Reason: Horny Hollywood leading ladies will stop abusing males and that would be disastrous. Mr. T, was being interrogated by a LA police detective, Officer A.

“Tell me all the details.”
“Did she undress you?”
“Did she tie you up?”

“Why do you want to know all these details?”

“It is part of police procedure.”
“Were you on top or was she on top?”
“Did you enjoy it?”

“She forced herself on me.”
“That’s all I am saying.”

“Which bars does she frequent?”
“Did she give you money?”
“What will you do if she molested you again?”

After a while Mr. T got uncomfortable with the line of questioning. He sensed that the policeman might not mind being molested.

“I am not talking anymore.”
“I do not want competition.”

“Who tells you that I am interested in that dirty business?”

“Well from the way that you are talking, and the excitement on your face, I am thoroughly convinced that you do not mind being molested by Ms. S.”
“Leave Ms. S for me.”
“There are many other female molesters in Hollywood.”
“Ms. D is a serial harasser, check her out.”
“She frequents ‘Club Discotheque’ on Sunset Boulevard.”

Mr. T angrily stormed out of the interview.

Lesson: Powerful women molest males, but they do not mind. When a powerful and beautiful female voluntarily offers a male, a commodity that he will plead for hours to have a taste, what do you expect the male to do? Celebrate his fortune!

Female sexual abuse of males will continue to be underreported.

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