Another mass execution by a gunman,
Usual explanations, mental illness, terrorism, bla, bla…
Guns do not shoot themselves.
Mentally sick people kill people.

Here’s an elegant solution.
Scrap comprehensive Obama Care, sorry Affordable Care Act,
And replace it with á la carte Trump Care.
Yea, the mentally sick will seek coverage.

Well, the mentally sick will shun mental health coverage.
Now, that mental health coverage is optional.
Isn’t poor decisions part of mental illness?
The mentally sick will multiply in droves.

Maybe praying in churches, synagogues, temples, and mosques,
Will miraculously cure the mentally sick.
Or the mentally sick will consider people,
Gathered in churches, synagogues, theaters, and mosques as mentally sick.

Isn’t it obvious that the mentally sick,
Will shoot normal people gathered and muttering unintelligibly,
To take care of their “mental sickness.”
Treat the mentally sick or the mentally sick will take care of you!


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