Present day Igbos living in Nigeria face three vicious enemies:
1. Hausa-Fulani.
2. Igbo Governors and Legislators.
3. Abuja Igbo Sycophants and Errand People.

Fighting these three forces is akin to fighting a hydra-headed monster. Cut off one head, not only do the two remaining heads become more energized, but it also fixes the severed head and become more vicious.


IPOB is fighting on the Hausa-Fulani front and has made tremendous achievements. Igbo MMM (Maltreatment, Marginalization, and Murder) has been brought to world attention. It is the Federal policy of MMM that created monopolists such as Alhaji Aliko Dangote, the Northern oil billionaires that dispense charity to foreign interests, and Western oil billionaires. The Igbos who are mainly Christians, are excluded from the National Rice and Stew garnished with rams.

Power creates wealth. The obscene zoning of Nigeria gives the Hausa-Fulani who are found in all 19 Northern states incredible economic and political power. The lopsided distribution of local governments to favor the arid far North is especially troubling since more people live by the sea and the forests in all parts of the world except in Nigeria. This political arrangement gives the Hausa-Fulani more Federal money and votes far in excess of their numbers. Numbers that are verifiable by a census. However, having a credible census in Nigeria will be easier than making the River Niger flow from the Atlantic Ocean towards the Futa Jallon Mountains. The North frustrates every census to hide their political chicanery.

There is also the so-called Federal Exclusive list in the *Nigerian Constitution, which is designed to frustrate the non-Hausa-Fulani States. Such legal maneuvering makes it possible for the Federal Government to divert oil resources from the Niger Delta to the Hausa-Fulani North Eastern and North Western States for development whilst leaving the Niger Delta mired in pollution, poverty, and political turmoil.
*Nigerian Constitution: Second Schedule, Legislative Powers, Part I, Exclusive Legislative List

Where were the now wildly barking toothless Southern political bulldogs and clerics when this constitution was being adopted?


Some observers opine that the fight should start with the Igbo Governors and Legislators who are mismanaging and diverting allocated resources into private pockets. They have a point, but the diversion of public funds into private pockets is nationwide. One former governor of Kano State turned his bedroom in the Governor’s Lodge into a bank. When the obscene amount of money was discovered after a military coup, Alhaji Barkin Zuwo said, “Government money in Government House; what’s the problem?”

The Federal roads in Kano State rival roads anywhere in the world while the roads in the Igbo South East have been continually rejected by rally tour organizers as too dangerous. When professional rally drivers are intimidated by roads that are plied daily by amateurs, there is a problem. Despite the widespread looting as expected in the thievocracy (Government of thieves by thieves for thieves) operated in Nigeria, some South East Governors have made strides in road development. Diversion of heavy vehicles such as the overloaded Dangote trailers onto these state roads reduces their lifespans. These trailers are also killing many Igbo motorists as they weave their way amongst less armoured vehicles and defenseless pedestrians.

Igbo elders are more compromised than Igbo youths. Igbo elders used to be the conscience of the Igbos. Could it be that global warming and environmental pollution has disorganized their cerebral circuits? Igbo youth and women using the following time-proven tactics should spearhead the fight against the Igbo Governors and Legislators:
1. Butt naked, bare breasted protests by elderly women against Governors and Legislators.
2. Boycotting events attended by these Governors and Legislators.
3. Heckling and interrupting their speeches at every opportunity.
4. Removing or defacing their obscene posters.
5. Dismantling of statues designed to ridicule Igbos.
6. Those present at events attended by these Igbo enemies should turn their backs towards the podium as they speak.
7. Finally and most effectively throw the miscreants out at the earliest electoral opportunity.


These are the worst of the bunch. Some of them have become emergency Alhajis and Alhajas. They are content with the crumbs falling off the Hausa-Fulani dining tables. As the MMM devastated Igbos are protesting against MMM, these internal Igbo enemies and their one and a half beneficiaries of the oil block heist are staging demonstrations applauding Igbo oppressors. How asinine? For this group, the time-proven method of ostracism should suffice. They are non-Igbos and might as well permanently relocate to Abuja. Any Igbo found fraternizing with them shall suffer the same treatment.


Anyone who gives you one quarter of a bag of rice to influence you will steal 10,000 bags of rice meant for you on getting elected. The rice given to you is yours. The money used in buying the rice is yours. Eat the rice and vote for honor, integrity, sacrifice, and service. The rice will be gone in one month. You will continue to live in darkness, without roads, water, education, health care, jobs, or communications for four years until the next rogue offers you another quarter bag of rice.

Africastallestman urges Igbos to rise against internal and external oppression and regain the Igbo pride and spirit, which is, valued the world over.

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