Yea, blasting will solve Igbo maltreatment, marginalization, and murder.
What did Ohaneze use in the blasting?
Was it dynamite?
Was it akpu?
Was it unele?
Or was it mere words?
Keep blasting.

Meanwhile, Buhari blasts Igbos,
With armoured vehicles, venomous pythons and Fulani herdsmen.
A blasting so vicious that the only authentic Igbo leader – Mazi Nnamdi Kanu,
May have been blasted into oblivion.
Igbos languishing in Buhari’s Gulag for demanding justice,
With the connivance of Ohaneze and Igbo Governors.
Blast away.

Until the Igbos have a single leader,
Disparate Igbo voices can keep blasting away.
As some of the 1000 Igbo leaders, were negotiating with Buhari,
Some were negotiating for contracts,
Some for the position of Secretary to the Government,
And others for crumbs from Buhari’s table.
Are you still blasting?

https://thewillnigeria.com/news/ohaneze-b lasts-buhari-over-failure-to-appoint-igbo-as-sgf/



  1. They are all sycophants. Nobody takes them seriously because once you give them any contract or position in government they will change their stand.

  2. Hausa Fulani is not our problem anymore. Nigerian government is not our problem anymore. Our problem is the so called igbo leaders. If the five eastern governors and ohaneze ndigbo could rise up in a meeting to declare ipob proscribed, that was the deepest cut of all. It was like Brutus’ dagar on the already bleeding body of Julius Caesar, when he turned to him for help against his foes. That was the most vicious stab from a trusted friend that sunk Julius Caesar. All these sycophants deserve to die, they are worst than the enemies of Biafra, the so called igbo leaders are sellouts.

    1. The Igbos are their greatest enemies. The Jews love money as much as the Igbos but do not joke with the welfare of Jews. Igbos will sell their parents for a pittance. What a shame? And Igbos claim to be Jews!

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