God’s own country.
Most powerful superpower.
My towns are segregated.
My schools are segregated.
My churches are segregated.
Segregation is my politics.
I discriminate against Blacks, Latinos, Asians and LGBTQ.

I preach democracy abroad,
Practice discrimination at home.
Encourage hatism by legislation.
Suppress minority votes at home.
Operate the world’s largest prison.
The land of the free, if you are rich.
The land of imprisonment for the poor.

When Lady Justice refuses a blindfold,
Justice is prejudiced.
It will be easier to produce Jesus Christ,
Than convict a policeman of killing a black person.
Lynching under Jim Crow,
Has become lynching under, “I feared for my life.”
Police protects whites and “serves” minorities.

Innocents are sentenced to death,
On fabricated evidence,
Few spared by DNA evidence.
Drug use by minorities is criminal and jailable.
White drug use is social and treatable.
Abhor abortions but advocate death sentences.
Any better description of hypocrisy?

Bribery is lobbying.
Rigging is gerrymandering.
Hate speech is free speech.
Hate groups are civil groups.
Equal pay for equal work, utopian.
Civil rights groups are hate groups.
And politics of hate wins elections handily.

I am built on land seized from aborigines,
Using Black and Asian slave labor,
And Caucasian technology.
Still refuses to acknowledge slave contributions,
To my wealth and world stature.
My white descendants will never acknowledge slave contributions.
Nor pay reparations.

A nation of immigrants,
Whose wealth was built,
And is still being built by immigrants,
Is building walls to exclude new immigrants.
When growth, innovation, and productivity declines,
Who is to blame?

As my wealth increases,
The rich become richer,
The poor become poorer,
And the middle class is squeezed out of existence.
My confused, illiterate poor vote against their interests.
Healthcare is a luxury,
Unlike in my peers, where it is a right.

Blithering has replaced diplomacy.
Threats has replaced negotiations.
Domination replaced cooperation.
Me first, is my new motto, all winning together is passé.
Withdrawals and threats are my new foreign policy.
You either toe the line,
Or lose my friendship.

I rip treaties up at will.
I speak loudly, and carry nuclear bombs.
Finally, if I do not get my way,
I will impose sanctions.
Failing which, I will send the marines or cruise missiles.
If I still don’t get my way,
A few nukes may do the trick.

Who am I?

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