The Igbos feel at home in any part of Nigeria. They live, trade, build, marry, pay taxes, and die in any part of Nigeria. No Nigerian from any tribe owns any valuable property in Igbo land. The only Nigerians living in Igbo land are cow sellers and public employees posted there. Because of generous tithing (bribing) by Igbo traders; Policemen, Policewomen, Customs Officers, Road Safety Personnel, Military Personnel, and Staff of Federal Agencies and private corporations would bribe their superiors for postings to Igbo land.

If every tribe intermingled as the Igbos, Nigeria would have been restructured in 1914. It is now too late to restructure. “Things have fallen apart and the center cannot hold.”

As the Igbos are developing all parts of Nigeria to the detriment of Igbo land, the so-called indigenes of their abodes are enumerating their property and plotting to kill them. Their raison d’être: The Igbos made their money from us. When you question these Igbo haters to provide evidence of loans they advanced to Igbos, preferential treatment meted out to the Igbos by the government, or any easements given to the Igbo adventurers, they throw up their hands and start scratching their heads. Recently, the Trade Fair Market developed by Igbos in Lagos on Federal land was gifted to the Lagos State Government so that the Igbo traders can be taxed to “hell.”

On the contrary, the so-called indigenes sell land to the Igbos at usurious rates, segregate Igbos to particular sections of the town and burn down their property on the slightest manufactured excuse. In Northern Nigeria, beheadings of Igbos are common for trumped up charges such as desecrating the Koran. Starting in 1945, Igbo killing parties are regularly organized in Northern Nigeria. Insult Prophet Mohammed in Norway, Igbos are killed, organize a beauty pageant and Igbos are killed, urinate one hundred yards from a mosque and Igbos are killed. Nigeria does not believe in public toilets, so public toilets are a luxury. Are Igbos Norwegians? Did Igbos organize the beauty pageant? If one Igbo organized it, did he/she get a mandate from all Igbos. I see parallels in the 1966 military coup meant to sanitize the political state of anomie that existed in Nigeria. Because Igbos were involved, it became an Igbo affair. If the supposedly Igbo coup explained the post-1966 killing of Igbos, what of the pre-1966 killings going back to 1945? Haters always try to invent a reason to hide their hatred.

How would the Fulanis feel if the Igbos organized Fulani killing parties on the rumor that one foreign Fulani cow trampled an Igbo farm in Abakaliki? How can someone be a non-indigene in one own’s country. If I am not an indigene, you must let me leave your country.

Alhaji Aliko Dangote, Africa’s richest man who made his fortune on the back of Igbo importers does not have a single factory in Igbo land. He was given exclusive monopoly over the import of essential commodities such as sugar, flour, cement, and salt into Nigeria to the detriment of Igbo merchants. He only builds depots in Igbo land to sell his overpriced cement and other products. He has factories in the North and West of Nigeria.

Fulani cow millionaires living in Igbo land do not own any landed property or real estate in Igbo land. The same applies to the Yoruba, Tiv, Ijaw, Ibibio, Mumuye, Birom, Angas, Efik, Hausa-Fulani, etc tribes. Alhaji Nasr el Rufai as the former Federal Capital Territory Minister, allocated 80% of Abuja land to Northerners. The Igbos ended up buying that 80% at inflated prices from the Northerners. Now Alhaji Rufai is worried that Igbos own Abuja. He is indirectly instructing his Almajiri Arewa Youths to target Igbo property in Abuja for destruction.

Igbos maltreated, marginalized, and murdered (MMM) by other Nigerians especially the Hausa-Fulani, now want out of Nigeria. Their oppressors instead of acquiescing to a referendum as endorsed by the United Nations, want the Igbos to remain part of Nigeria. Another raison d’être; We let the Igbos develop our land so their property is ours. We will tax them, seize their property, or destroy their property if we cannot convert them to our own use.

After the Biafra-Nigeria War, 1967 to 1970, Igbo properties were seized and sold off at rock bottom prices to indigenes and girlfriends because Igbos are “foreigners” in their own land. Igbo coastal areas were allocated to Rivers State to isolate Igbos from the sea. General Yakubu Gowon and Chief Obafemi Awolowo gave the Igbos £20 and never instructed the World Bank to concentrate on rebuilding the war ravaged East Central State, now South East.

Contrarily, President Muhammadu Buhari instructed the World Bank to concentrate on Northern Nigeria where Boko Haram razed a few village huts, schools, and health centers. Comparing post-Biafra-Nigeria War condition of the former East Central State, to post-Boko Haram condition of Northern Nigeria would be similar to comparing post-atomic bomb Hiroshima to a suicide bomber bombing a Shi’a mosque in Maiduguri. The President of the World Bank, Jim Yong Kim worried about building in an active war zone had to cry out publicly about the difficulties his organization is facing.

Africastallestman believes that the Igbos are hated in Nigeria and that Nigeria should let them secede to “suffer and wilt away.” Denying them the right of self-determination and perpetrating maltreatment, marginalization, and murder (MMM) on them is criminal and unconscionable. The world should not fold its hand and watch another genocide unfold. If the “towns,” sorry countries of:
1. Vatican City: 0.2 square miles
2. Monaco: 0.7 square miles
3. Nauru: 8.5 square miles
4. Tuvalu: 9 square miles
5. San Marino: 24 square miles
6. Liechtenstein: 62 square miles
7. Marshall Islands: 70 square miles
8. Saint Kitts and Nevis: 104 square miles
9. Seychelles: 107 square miles
10. Maldives: 115 square miles
11. Malta: 122 square miles
12. Grenada: 133 square miles
13. Saint Vincent and the Grenadines: 150 square miles
14. Barbados: 166 square miles
15. Antigua and Barbuda: 171 square miles
16. Andorra: 180 square miles
17. Palau: 191 square miles
can survive as nations, then the continent of Biafra (11345.612 square miles) will do quite alright. After all, size does not equate to development.

Africastallestman believes that if the other Nigerian tribes created “problems” for Nigeria as the Igbos do, by assimilating in every part of Nigeria, Nigerians would not be discussing unity and restructuring, whatever that means, today.

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