The Nigerian is baked by the Sun.
Drenched by rain.
Flooded by storms.
Battered by wind.
All sources of electricity,
Yet lacks electricity.
Adept at maneuvering in darkness,
As electricity is a luxury.
Stagnant water becomes potable water,
Collected in pots.
For cooking and drinking,
Unless you can afford plastic sachet water.

The Nigerian is encumbered with diseases.
With roads as death traps,
Life expectancy is short.
Dare get sick,
And the health facilities will accelerate your demise,
Unless you can afford India, Dubai, or London.
Communication is abysmal and expensive,
As messages are transmitted nowhere,
While your credit dwindles.
Food becomes a luxury,
As hunger creates pliancy to adversity,
Steeled by suffering.

The Nigerian minimizes disasters by joking,
Every calamity becomes a joke.
Laughter is the panacea.
Amused by Nollywood.
Paralyzed by religion.
Impoverished by tithing.
Superstition is the great explainer of life.
Played by politicians.
Humbled by hunger.
Beggared by the recession.
Corruption eases the burden of inflation.
Despite all vicissitudes, ranked high in happiness.

Imagine the utopia, if living conditions improve.
Welcome to Nigeria!

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