The way Africans abuse paper money at events may mislead one into believing that Africans invented paper money. They throw (spray) money at the celebrants and their families, friends, and relatives. A new trend is to shoot money with a gun-like device at the celebrants.

What next? Maybe, loading a cannon with paper notes and firing at the celebrants. This will surely announce your wealth. Are you really wealthy? Africastallestman disagrees. Wealth dispensed aimlessly at parties and other festive occasions are wasted. It only boosts the ego of the sprayer. Wealth sprayed at legacies benefits humanity.

Money should be sprayed on foundations, industries, and projects that keep giving back to the community and the sprayer. To those who claim that it is African tradition to spray money, please rewind your history and you will discover that your ancestors never sprayed cowrie shells which will be the equivalence of money today. Why do all these retarded practices originate from Africa?

Happily, the rest of the world is not emulating Africa in her idiotic, acquired, and idiosyncratic culture. I wish that Africa and Africans will acquire the Western and Eastern culture of accountability, public service, philanthropy, and selflessness.
Money sprayed by hand, by gun, or cannon is an expression of infantilic megalomania and probably low esteem.

Africastallestman recommends that African governments legislate against such practices. Gifts, monetary or otherwise, should be appropriately packaged and given to the celebrant. The public should be spared the agony of such lurid displays.


  1. You hit the nail on the head and rightly so. Africans spray money because , as Plato pointed out: unexamined life is not worth living., for them that is one of the ways they really feel their existence in this world… Dr. Johnson, spoke of the idea of Patriotism, and tradition etc., about which he inferred: Patriotism is the last resort. of the scoundrel.
    That ; again ,is one of the ways they feel one with nature and community, and make temporary merriment and feel their existence.
    I lived and worked at the Nigerian Ports Authority Headquarters,, Marina ,,road ,Lagos for 9 years. Believe me, many a weekend, people block main roads for birthday parties and no police comes to challenge them. They eat and drink all night and moreover spray money on the celebrants, as if they pick the money on the road. Most often Africans celebrate birthdays as if, in a sense; they are not being born everyday of their unexamined life. Thank you for exposing this lot about your African’s way of feeling the sense of belonging.

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