The British taught the Northern Nigerian Oligarchs a good lesson in divide and rule politics. It is rumored that British politicians are currently flocking to Arewa House, Kaduna for lessons in this tactic. The student is now teaching the teacher!

Alliances prolong the day of eventual reckoning. A man begging for sex will promise a woman, Heaven and Earth but will he deliver after he has shouted his head off in enjoyment? Clever women now want the promises delivered before service, “pay before service.” That should be the same with political alliances.

The Fulani discarded their language Fulfulde and embraced the Hausa language. An Hausa speaking Emir in Hausa land will confuse the unwary into thinking that he is Hausa. Alas, all the Emirs in Hausa land are Fulani. Uthman Dan Fodio, a Fulani, conquered the Hausas, therefore it is the Fulani’s birthright to rule the Hausas. Similarly, the British handed over Nigeria to Alhaji Sir Ahmadu Bello (Fulani) at independence in 1960 and that makes it the Fulani’s birthright to rule Nigeria or control whoever rules Nigeria. Every other Nigerian tribe are slaves.

The Fulanis have maintained their grip on power in Nigeria by playing the Igbo and Yoruba, the other 2 dominant tribes, against each other. The Fulanis are always the senior partner in any alliance. In the first republic, it was the NPC-NCNC Alliance against the AG. The Fulani NPC was the senior partner. The NCNC-AG Alliance (UPGA) was undermined by the NPC-NNDP Alliance. The NCNC was Igbo dominated and the AG was Yoruba dominated. The NNDP was Yoruba and opposed to Awo’s AG. The resulting “Operation Wetie” in Western Nigeria where Awo’s AG engaged Akintola’s NNDP in internecine bloodletting led to the first military coup in 1966.

In the second republic, the Fulani dominated NPN formed an alliance with the Igbo dominated NPP to oppose the UPN, led by Awo and dominated by Yorubas. The military truncated this alliance in 1983. This anomaly lasted till 1999 when the military handed over power to civilians. The PDP, a truly National party held sway until 2015. The Yorubas felt alienated during the last 6 years of the PDP administration under President Goodluck Jonathan. His attempts to give national positions to the Yorubas were undermined by Fulani interests. Mrs. Patricia Olubunmi Foluke Etteh was schemed out of the Speaker’s office by Alhaji Aminu Tambuwal. While pretending to be PDP’s Speaker of the Federal House of Representatives, he was scheming to have President Goodluck Jonathan replaced by the Fulani nay Major General Muhammadu Buhari, a military dictator in civilian garb. Tambuwal later played a big role in the formation of the APC and was rewarded with the lucrative position of Governor of Sokoto State.

The Yoruba dominated ACN led by Alhaji Bola Tinubu under the mistaken belief that the amiable President Jonathan was anti-yoruba teamed up with the Buhari led CPC to form the CPC-ACN Alliance dubbed the APC. Masquerading as an alliance, the APC is not an alliance but a ploy used to trick the gullible Tinubu. Tinubu was immediately dumped by Buhari on ascension to the Presidency. President Buhari proceeded to fulanize and islamize all strategic military, police, civil, and corporate governmental positions in Nigeria in utter disregard of the constitution, human decency, fairness, equity, and justice. The Islamic Fulani, one of the least educated tribes in Nigeria are now commanding all aspects of Nigeria’s economy, security, and politics.

The Fulanis are always in the driver’s seat in these alliances. When will the Igbos and Yorubas learn their lessons and demand a restructuring of Nigeria? The Fulani domination of the security services is no match for simultaneous agitations in the North Central, South East, South West, and South South. Add Boko Haram in the North East. If Uthman Dan Fodio can be defeated, the current Fulani Army and Fulani Police operating under the camouflage of the Nigerian Army and Nigerian Police can be defeated.

President Buhari, Africastallestman urges you to return to reason, embrace peace and acquiesce to peaceful restructuring. No Army even the mighty United States can impose its will, nilly willy on people.

The time for freedom is now. To the sycophants and errand boys of the Fulanis in the aforementioned zones, change your ways or you will soon be stateless. Your self-serving alliances is prolonging the servitude of your people.

Africastallestman believes that restructuring is inevitable in Nigeria.

ACN – Action Congress of Nigeria, dominated by AD.
AD – Alliance for Democracy, Yoruba dominated political party.
AG – Action Group, Yoruba dominated political party.
APC – All Progressives Congress, Fulani dominated political party.
CPC – Congress for Progressive Change, Fulani dominated political party.
NCNC – National Council of Nigeria and the Cameroon, Igbo dominated political party.
NNDP – Nigerian National Democratic Party, Yoruba dominated political party.
NPC – Northern People’s Congress, Fulani dominated political party.
NPN – National Party of Nigeria, Fulani dominated political party.
NPP – Nigerian People’s Party, Igbo dominated political party.
UPGA – United Progressive Grand Alliance.
UPN – Unity Party of Nigeria, Yoruba dominated political party.

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