The answer to Buhari’s Islamization of Nigeria is not to Christianize Igbo land. Religion is a personal choice between you and your God. Chi is the Igbo personal God. Some Igbos claim that Jesus Christ is their personal God, others may claim Okija.

No person or group of persons should interfere with the religious beliefs of others by force or coercion. Rampaging Christian evangelists destroying shrines in Igbo land is as bad as rampaging Moslem mobs destroying churches in Kano State. If destroying shrines is accepted in Igbo land, Sharians can destroy Christian churches in Zamfara State.

Nations progress when religion is separated from state. As long as a religion is not a danger to the public good by commission, omission, or encouraging heinous acts, that religion should be given a space in our polity. Using religion to advance political aims will provide short-term benefits but long-term grief.

I hope that Religionists, Atheists, Agnostics, and Neutralists in Igbo land are listening. The introduction of religious politics in Igbo land will retard development, stifle innovation, and ensure continuous religious strife that may result in violence with the usual loss of lives and property.


  1. Currently, and for a long time, the separation of STATE and CHURCH, has not and cannot be the business of Muslims, because, the Muslim religion is the state and the state is the religion point blank. That is not the case with Christianity; at least in the modern world. The European kings used to be crowned by the Roman Popes, who pontificate over them at the time, but no more, the Enlightenment, Reformation and Renaissance each played a role which demonstrated that Reason not religion properly speaking, will address the place and being of humanity on earth.That was the origin of the idea of separation of church and state. We cannot expect harmony and peace to reign supreme, in, for instance, Nigeria, which deftly manifest this dichotomy at its deepest core. Speaking of Igbo land…My uncle Boniface told me in 1999, that, “without the church here , nothing works. You are forced to belong. EVEN if, you are known to be non-christian here, The church pokes her fingers into every pie. They will charge you if your wife happens to be pregnant prior to actual wedding day, to bury your dead and even remove by force art works from your house and burn them as forbidden paganism. The same practices occur during voting. You must vote who the church says you vote for, having received money from the said candidate. The same could be the case in the north. We abhor versatility.

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