Unaffordable, unemployable, and epileptic.
Uneducated or partially educated masses,
Good for the feudal and elite class.
More ignorance, easier domination.
More Almajiris, easier domination and subjugation.
Jonathan empowered Almajiris,
And was booted out of office.

God bless the university educators,
Toiling under deplorable, archaic conditions,
And still produce world class products,
From glorified high/secondary schools,
A panicky feudal and elite class,
Associating more education with more agitation, and more restructuring,
Frustrate teachers by cutting pay, infrastructure, research grants, and emoluments,

We provoke ASUU* strikes,
Empowering our less endowed children studying abroad,
Acquiring knowledge to continue the oppression, subjugation, domination, and elimination of the masses.
ASUU can strike forever,
But recession and hunger can truncate strikes.
ASUU will come begging for a settlement,
And settle for promises on paper.

Promises not worth the paper.
A longer strike suits our plan and hidden agenda,
ASUU strikes do not frighten us,
Predictable as the harmattan,
It will soon blow over.
ASUU in desperation will capitulate.
We are in control.

Feudal and elite class,
History does not always repeat itself,
New combination of strike and restructuring,
May prove lethal for you.
How many crises can you handle?
APC, armed, purposeless, cabal.
Your grip on power is tenuous.

Education creates wealth, knowledge, and prosperity.
“A word is not enough for the fool.”

*ASUU – Academic Staff Union of Universities.

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