The worst attribute in any human is the lack of shame. Shame can moderate all vices known to humans. When shamelessness is combined with avarice, authoritarianism, and misanthropism, the combination is lethal for any fledgling democracy. The pre-1966 politicians despite their foibles had some degree of shame. Their command of English was impeccable. Our present leaders not only are English language challenged, but their various spokespersons are also challenged. Are these the only qualified spokespersons in a nation of 180 million people? If the President is language challenged, hire impeccable speakers of the language as your spokespersons. Must every significant hire in your administration hail from your village?

No country will announce that rats have invaded a Presidential Office to the world media. The shameless cabal and a shameless President readily announced to the world that a human President has vacated his office for animal rats. While this has spurned several jokes, it is time that the country wakes up and addresses the problem of the wagon pulling the horse. The brainless wagon pulling a living horse! That the largest economy in Africa cannot eradicate rats and install new split unit air conditioners in a few hours is laughable. To use rats as an excuse to shield an ailing President with an undisclosed illness is criminal and incomprehensible. Wait until you see the multi-billion Naira price tag for eradicating ten rats. Africastallestman hopes that the next excuse will be snakes in the bedroom office.

Wasn’t the Acting Presidential Coordinator supposed to be acting from the same office? If the cabal and their sponsor (President) thought that the actor would steal their secrets, they would have cleaned the office regularly during the three-month sick leave of the President. Dangerous precedents are being enshrined in the civil service. Civil servants can now go on medical leaves for undisclosed illnesses for indefinite periods while collecting salaries and estacodes.

Whilst Western and Eastern leaders are proud of elevating standards of living, providing infrastructure, education, and jobs for their citizens, African leaders glorify in enriching themselves, families, friends, and sycophants. They fly over the bad roads in their well-appointed luxury jets. When they use the dilapidated roads, their siren sounding, whip-wielding, and crazed outriders whip the citizens off the good patch of tarmac, sometimes to their deaths. One ex-governor has the record of killing other motorists. One of his victims was a world-renowned professor.

A revolution may provide a temporal relief but only genetic engineering can solve the African problem.

PS. As the politicians forfeit their “loot,” when are the oil block owners and monopolists going to return our common property. Africastallestman will address this festering economic brigandage in due course.

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