Never wish a Nigerian death,
Because God listens,
And answers your prayers.

When Nigerians wish Nigeria electricity,
God plays dumb,
And plunges Nigeria into darkness.

When Nigerians pray for good governance,
God disconnects all communications with Nigerians,
And rewards Nigerians with misgovernance.

Nigerians wish for potable water,
God ignores their wishes,
And provides sachet water and well water.

Nigerians clamor for good roads,
God constructs bad roads,
And decorates them with Fulani herdsmen and armed robbers.

What makes Nigerians think,
That God only answers their death wishes?
Maybe they worship a dead and not a living God.

Or is it the usual superstition at play?
If wishes were horses,
Utopia will pale when compared to Nigeria.

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