When you claim to be Igbo,
But flay and lambast Igbos at every opportunity,
With puerile propaganda,
From the frozen Alaskan tundra,
Your Igboness needs to be proven by DNA analysis.
And if indeed you are Igbo,
Some self-examination is warranted.

Self loathe is the worst form of mental illness.
If Igbos are as mean, vile, and vain,
As portrayed by Acting Professor Ozodi,
Africastallestman wants to be reincarnated as an Igbo.
Despite some shortcomings,
From which no tribe is immune,
Igbos are celebrated worldwide.

The white tribe is known for slavery, racism, hatism, and love of money,
Ozodi has not excoriated them.
The Chinese tribe is known for counterfeiting and love of money,
Ozodi has spared them.
The Jewish tribe is known for academics, finance, and commercialism,
Ozodi, are you still there?
Some tribes are known for beheading,
Ozodi, do you need a new head?

When all you see in your people,
Is odious effluvium oozing out of your prejudiced and jaundiced pen.
A mental health examination is in order.
Has the frozen, sunlit Alaska transformed Ozodi
Into a “superior” Caucasian?
Ozodi may think so,
And more importantly act so.

Instead of ascending the Olympian Mount Denali,
You have descended into the abyss of Prince William Sound.
When your co-traveling sycophant, Joe Igbokwe,
Errand boy of APC and Alhaji Tinubu, quotes you,
You have finally arrived on the stage of ignominious mental derangement.
Your peers write scientific papers and win awards,
But you continue to be an internet and public nuisance.

America exiled you to Alaska,
To rid herself of your nuisance.
But you keep nauseating the internet,
With your gobbledygook, Siberia is your next stop.
I understand that there is no internet in the Russian Gulag.
The sanatorium may sanitize your senses
And restore balance to your chemically imbalanced brain.

Puerile publicity seeker.
If Igbos are as ugly as portrayed by you,
Can you explain Igbo achievements in the arts, sciences, and engineering?
Those achievements may be due to those traits,
That inconsequential Ozodi finds distasteful.
Whither your suggestions for Igbo enlightenment and upliftment?
Maybe your brain is wired for negativity?

Are you trying to garner an appointment in Nigeria,
From the ruling Hausa-Fulani-Yoruba Alliance,
By ridiculing your tribe as Joe Igbokwe?
Why not try changing your tribe into Hausa, Fulani, or Yoruba?
Nigerians can spot sycophants from 7000 miles.
Perpetual pessimist Ozodi,
You may have nowhere to go soon.

To those unthinking Igbos circulating the Ozodi thrash on the internet,
Please cease and desist.
His “analysis” does not have a nuisance value.
As the famous philosopher, Chidiogo puts it:
“When you copy, paste, and forward any post, without a disclaimer,
You own the post.”
A word is not enough for the fool,

Post prosem:
Africastallestman had diagnosed Ozodi Osuji as having a mental illness, before the two articles below were sent to the African Giant. Explore the links. I very much doubt that this mentally unstable man is teaching at the University of Alaska. More likely, he is managing a home for the mentally disabled in Anchorage, Alaska.



A search of the University of Alaska, Anchorage, Staff Directory failed to list an Ozodi Osuji. Another search using his “doubting” Thomas middle name yielded the same result. Search performed on August 14, 2017, 22:02.


Another Ozodi post on Facebook on Mbaise Church brouhaha:

“I hate to get involved here but since you folks dance around the matter and avoid the truth let me help you out. The Catholic Church is a universal Church. The Pope makes appointments based on the recommendations of his cardinals and archbishops. So which cardinal recommended an Anambra man while their are many qualified mbaise priests? An Anambra cardinal arinze? That shows that he has no leadership skills. Can you imagine a Pope from a mostly Muslim county? The church gives folks positions for political reasons. Now I see why I did not want arinze the Pope, he is another stupid Nigerian politician giving his people jobs not on merit but nepotism. If he was politically savy he would appoint an mbaise Bishop. Imagine appointing a white Bishop in a black US disease, that won’t happen for it would be seen as racist, ignoring black priests for white ones. So get the idiot arinze to do the right thing instead of destroying my Catholic Church.”

Follow up post to above.
“Please forgive the spelling errors, I typed this stuff in a train, by the way I will be at Rome next week.”



  1. Dr. Ozodi Osuji has finally fallen into abject hellish pit of inhumanity, by addressing the only Igbo cardinal Azinze in this language. I met Cardinal Arinze in Rome in his office as the coordinator of the Papal Ecumenical Council, that works towards the creation/development, of functional relationship among the various religious sects in the world with the Catholic Church. The day of his ordination as cardinal, I was at St. Peter’s square (Basilica) at Vatican, with other Nigerians, from different Catholic Universities in and around Rome. In his address, to the more than ten thousands faithfuls, the Pope intoned, that Francis Cardinal Arinze was a great man, and a good man, that more than merit his ordination as a worthy Cardinal. Ozodi forgot that he mentioned that the Pontiff, consults with various Cardinals and Bishops before making appointments. and then brazenly contend that the Igbo cardinal alone dictated to the pope who to choose for Mbaise. Moreover, calling Cardinal Arinze “Stupid and Idiot”, is simply a mark, definitely, of hallucinatory Schizophrenic mind at work, in the most diagnostic parlance possible. I hope that he will personally write cardinal Arinzeand seriously apologize to His Eminence before long. Worst still, Osuji berated and degraded not only His Eminence the Cardinal’s humanity, but, moreover, his own humanity (if he has idea of his personal participation as a human being, in overall, humanity). It is often said that, if you point an accusatory to somebody, the other four fingers are pointing back to you, like it or not.

    Osuji, if as you claimed, in 2010, or thereabout, that you are God’s appointed priest in Igboland, because of your last name, and addressed cardinal Arinze in this language, then, your tongue has simply annulled your so called priesthood in Igboland, believe it or not. You out rightly delved into negative indelible imprint, traditionally and in whatever ways your unruly language could be looked at. You need to reexamine your existential interpretation of your relationship with your fellow man, society, community, nature and above all God, the supreme creator of all that exists, and do not exist. Your non-respect for Cardinal Arinze, immediately shows at the same time, that you do not respect yourself, because,you cannot give to somebody-else what you do not have. Are you somebody? Then behave like ONE.

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