The only value important to the West is:
1. Money
2. More money &
3. Most money

The West sells military and surveillance equipment to repressive Middle Eastern regimes that eliminate internal dissidents and shore up radical Islamists. These equipment are being used to suppress internal dissent that could moderate strict Islamism. Moderation of strict Islam internally will lead to less Wahhabism in countries such as Saudi Arabia. Saudi Arabia continues to be a big exporter of terrorists. The promotion of strict Islam in Saudi Arabia for the masses and westernized Islam for the ruling class creates a class of dissatisfied Islamists who are bent on destroying the purveyors of Western decadence. What would be better than taking the war to Western cities?

Will the money hungry Western companies refuse to sell automobiles to countries that forbid women from driving? No, their love of money supersedes feminine rights, human rights, and political rights. If China or Russia decides to fill the gap, the West can impose suffocating economic embargoes on China and Russia. Relaxation of strict Islamism in the Middle East will create less terrorists. This Islamist threat must be nipped in the bud or everybody better start buying stock in companies making praying mats and praying beads.

The current spate of vehicular murder rampant in European cities may make walking a dangerous undertaking for the populace. Any vehicle on the road is a potential weapon. Automobiles driven by terrorists do not have a special marking. Is the West going to ban Muslims from driving? Moral decency forbids it. However, If Muslims are denied privileges, they will devise more murderous techniques of killing unbelievers.

Any mosque used to disseminate hate in the West must be closed and the Imam deported. The battle must be taken to the Muslims in their home countries. If Saudi Arabia does not allow churches in Saudi Arabia, all mosques in the West must be closed. There is no passage in the Quran that forbids churches in Saudi Arabia. If Saudi Arabia decides to isolate itself from the West, the better for humanity. It is obvious that Saudi Arabia has more to lose than the West. Muslims visiting Saudi Arabia with Christian places of worship will have a sober reflection. They may see Christians as different believers and not unbelievers.

Terrorists kill people who they think are oppressing them directly or indirectly. They do not want to change Western values. They use religion to mobilize, indoctrinate, and galvanize the faithful into taking action on behalf of Islam. When terrorists commit mass slaughter of people, they are promised a handsome reward in their part of Heaven complete with virgins for men and margins (male virgins) for women. An unemployed young Muslim living in a Western slum will be thrilled to kill Westerners and be rewarded with heavenly bliss. Heaven with virgins or “margins” (male virgins) is preferable to Earth with unemployment, and police brutality.

Terrorists were going their jolly way in the deserts of Arabia until the Western adventurers forced their values on them. The West introduced the terrorists to Western values but only the rich and noble enjoy those values. What you cannot enjoy, you despise and destroy. If more Arabs are living a comfortable life, the problem of terrorism will be ameliorated. Since the Arab one percent, as one percenters, everywhere are insulated from terrorism and terrorists, there are no political incentives to curb terrorism.

The lucky few Middle Eastern Muslims who escaped to the West are segregated in European, despised, and denied educational and employment opportunities. They are killing because the West has not fulfilled its promises to them. An uneducated, unemployed, and frustrated young Muslim person is a low lying fruit waiting to be plucked by terrorist groups. And the “experts” are still wondering about radicalization?

The rich, and the politicians that they sponsor, are getting all the benefits of trading with the Islamic States without the risks. They do not go to the Bataclan. The Bataclan comes to them. They do not visit movie theaters as movies are screened for them in their homes, yachts, and private jets. They do not fly commercial planes. Their private planes are safe from terrorist incidents.

The Western one percent is insulated from terrorism and terrorists. Terrorism is a money making enterprise – arms manufacturers, arms dealers, surveillance equipment manufacturers, bogus consultants, media owners, and politicians. Terrorism boost economies in a similar manner to war. The ever increasing budget for the military and security services means less money for social programs. Politicians will milk terrorism as long as it pays huge dividends to them, their political sponsors and their relatives.

Africastallestman hopes that Western politicians sponsored by the one percent will have a change of heart and stop empowering terrorists by placing moral and human values above financial gain.

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