Have you ever wondered why Italy is shaped like a boot?
The Italian boot jutting into the Mediterranean Sea.
Has received the rejects, the persecuted, the hungry, and the dispossessed of humanity
With equanimity, and magnanimity to boot.
Saints of Italy.

They fished humans; live, dying and dead,
Like a trawler trawling for fish.
They fed and housed the living.
Healed the dying.
And Buried the dead.
Saints of Italy

With their banks emptied of Euros.
Burdened by a recession.
Unsettled by unemployment.
And services strained by a human flood of refugees,
They accommodated and assimilated thousands if not millions.
Saints of Italy.

Bravo Italians.
For keeping that boot untied.
Now other European countries have to pitch in,
To relieve the strain on the boot.
Before it bursts and spills its contents back into the Mediterranean.
Saints of Italy.

Long used to Saints.
Is it any wonder?
That old habits never die.
They can be rekindled on short notice.
I say grazie to Italians for a job well executed.
Saints of Italy

3 thoughts on “SAINT ITALY.

  1. Thank you for appreciating the saints’ sympathy for the Africans,in the eye of the storm in their high seas. I guess they decided to make amends for their atrocities in different East and North African counties, nearly 80-90 years ago, and/or for the fear of been criticized by world communities, if they fail in some ways to help the near-drowning Africans. However, whichever be their core reason, we appreciate their help at this bewildering African condition.

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