Why achtung? If Hitler had achtung, we will all be speaking German today. He lost World War II because he had no achtung. The Igbos have a saying that, “Di ochi adigho ekwusi ihe ohuru na enu nkwu” – The palmwine tapper perched on the tall palm wine tree does not disclose everything that he sees from his perch.

This is a warning to those committed to improving the condition of the Igbos and the minorities in Nigeria. There are very few educated Nigerians but every Nigerian is gullible. Therefore, in this delicate period, the leaders of the Igbo struggle must be careful in their public utterances to avoid alienating their friends and would be friends.

The utterances of their acolytes do not represent their views. This achtung is for Ohaneze, Nnamdi Kanu, and the leader of the motley organizations of Igbos seeking for relevance.

Leaders, true, potentially divisive thoughts should be kept private. A word is enough for the wise but not the fool.


  1. A timely warning it is. According to Zebrudaya Okoroigwe Nwagbo alias 4.30 of the New Masquerade, the famous NTA sitcom in the 80s and 90s, “they are suffering from the diarrhea of the mouth, to be forewarned is to be forearm” Onye nwelu nti, ya nulu, ‘he who has ear, let him hear.’

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