The recent call for a boycott of elections in the South East by Mr. Nnamdi Kanu is a step in the right direction. It is a nonviolent act of civil disobedience. You cannot simultaneously subscribe to the ideals and machinations of a corrupt system and fight the system at the same time. No referendum, no election, period.

Boycotting all Nigerian-organized elections starting with the Anambra State Gubernatorial Election in November 2017 is commendable. The Federal “Military” Government can impose anyone to govern Anambra State and the change will not be noticeable.

No one will be prevented from voting if they so desire. However, a statewide election with a turnout of 10 percent will send the appropriate message to Abuja and the World. It is inimical for the so-called Igbo elite to be making statements designed to undermine Kanu’s fight for Igbo self-determination. This young man has done a hell of a job bringing Igbo marginalization, maltreatment, and murder to the world’s stage. If the elites disagree with his methods and pronouncements that have exposed the wickedness of the APC Government, they should go to Nnamdi Kanu for a dialogue. He may be young chronologically but is ancient cerebrally.

This is not the time for petty jealousies as Africastallestman would say.


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