No matter how horrible your inheritance is, you try to reform it and not condemn it at every turn. Joe Igbokwe is an Igbo man but keeps mum when Igbos are being marginalized, maltreated, and murdered by the Hausa-Fulani with Yoruba nonchalance, excepting FFK and Fayose. From your utterances against the Igbos, despite a preponderance of evidence validating the Igbo position, a DNA test is in order to prove your Igboness.

1. You supported Alhaji Fashola when he deported dumb Yoruba lunatics to Onitsha in the middle of the night. When most of these lunatics were discovered to be non-Igbo, he claimed that since they could not speak, they must be Igbo since Igbos have taken over Lagos. Did Fashola realize that Igbo taxes and Federal money developed Lagos?
2. When the Oba of Lagos threatened to drown all Igbos in the Lagos Lagoon if they voted PDP, Joe Igbokwe, took the side of the Oba. His reasoning: Lagos belongs to the APC and the Oba.
3. When the APC (Alliance for Phony Change) excludes Igbos from Federal appointments and capital developments, Joe Igbokwe uncorked bottles of Champagne and celebrated with his Hausa-Fulani and Yoruba handlers.
4. When President Muhammadu Buhari disregards court orders granting the “small boy” Nnamdi Kanu bail, Joe Igbokwe celebrated. Joe Igbokwe, you are unfit to carry Nnamdi Kanu’s bag.
5. When President Muhammadu Buhari supports self-determination for the Sahrawi and Palestinian peoples, Joe Igbokwe is ecstatic.
6. When the indigenous people of Biafra, demand a referendum for self-determination, the venomous Joe Igbokwe spits poison on “his” people.
7. Disagreements amongst brothers and sisters is no reason to take over their property.
8. Where was Joe Igbokwe when a Fulani man was given monopoly over essential commodities in Nigeria despite the fact that Igbos are genetically engineered importers? Could the Nkalagu Cement Factory be sabotaged by the same person?
9. Mr. Igbokwe, just enjoy your sinecure with the APC. Saboteurs like you cost Biafra the war.
10. If the Hausa-Fulani response to Igbos protesting their marginalization, maltreatment, and murder is the elimination of the Igbo race, Joe Igbokwe will celebrate with a ram.
11. Russia is a world power because Russian is spoken all over the world just as Yoruba. The Hausas are a world power because Hausa is spoken in several countries. Your language logic is impeccable. The Igbos will be a world power if allowed to develop to their fullest potential.
12. What does Joe Igbokwe think about JAMB scores of 300 for Igbo matriculants and 50 for Hausa-Fulani matriculants? Wonderful!

The Igbos do not need you in their struggle. At least we know your stand and Africastallestman hopes that you’ll expose your fellow saboteurs.


  1. Good piece on that psycho called joe igbokwe. When the chips are down, even the yorubas will kick him out of their land.

  2. Well thought out positions like this one, help dialogue. ATM(africastallestman), your positions are incisive and reflective. Makes one say hmmm!!!

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