1. Leader
2. Leader
3. Leader
4. Leader
5. Leader
6. Leader
7. Leader
8. Leader
9. Leader
10. Leader

The Leader in turn does the following:
1. Religion -No State Religion, No Religious Politics, No Religious Law. Moment of Silence Before Public Events Instead of Religious Prayers.
2. Zoning – No zoning of political offices
3. Citizenship – Citizenship determined by six months continued residency in any locale.
4. Quota – Merit based system. No quotas.
5. Census – The United Nations must conduct a credible census.
6. Revenues – Revenues are local, the Federal Government collects taxes.
7. Federal Character – Must be removed from the constitution and replaced by developing each person and locale to their full potential.
8. Infrastructure – Evenly Spread Infrastructural Development Based On Potential Contribution to Nigeria’s GNP. Every Nigerian Must Have Equal Access To Clean Water, Electricity, Education, Health Care, Roads, Internet, Telephony, and Waste Disposal.
9. Freedoms – Freedom of Expression, Freedom of Speech, Freedom of Association, Freedom of Movement, Freedom of Religion.
10. Security, Law, and Order, Justice – Government Guarantee of the Sanctity of Life and Property, Equality before the Law, Enforcing Laws that Promote Order, and Justice must be transparent.

If these cannot be championed and implemented by a credible leader through a restructuring, then Africastallestman recommends to Nigerians that their country should be broken up in order for the separate parts to achieve their full potentials.

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