Africastallestman supports the Mbaise Catholics demand that the Bishop of Ahiara Diocese must be an Mbaise citizen. Since Mbaise Catholics will not obey the Pope, it is time that they break away from the Roman Catholic Church and form the Mbaise Catholic Church. There is the Chinese Catholic Church, Egyptian Catholic Church, and the Russian Catholic Church to enumerate a few.

The next Mbaise export, in numbers, after the export of beautiful damsels as brides to all parts of the world, are Mbaise Clergy – Rev. Fathers, Rev Mothers, Rev Brothers, and Rev Sisters. There is no Mbaise family without an ordained Clergy. These Mbaise Clergy are found in every diocese in the world from Norway to New Zealand. If Mbaise deports Bishop Peter Ebere Okpaleke to Anambra, Mbaise must be prepared to absorb millions of their clergy deported from all non-Mbaise parts of the world to Mbaise.

This brings up the passion that people have about religion. Mbaise, a cosmopolitan mainly Catholic megapolis that is so accommodating, that you’ll find Hausa-Fulani people in Nguru, Mbaise; Yoruba people in Ife, Mbaise; Rivers people in Okrika, Mbaise; Onitsha people in Onicha, Mbaise; and Enugu people in Agbaja, Mbaise. Religiously, Mbaise is non-accommodating, she does not welcome non-Mbaise clergy. Consequently, Bishop Peter Ebere Okpaleke must be deported to Anambra and an Mbaise priest elevated in his stead.

Let the deportations begin and may the future Mbaise Catholic Church prosper as Mbaise people are industrious and hardworking.


  1. When people talk about Mbaise attitude, this is a classical example of what they are talking about. Your clergy brothers and sisters are all over the world, but you find it difficult to accomodate a fellow Igbo man simply because he is from Anambra state, or could they have accomodated him if he is from Owerri. My brother thanks for the harmless view you expressed in your post. Let all their clergies go back to Mbaise and lets see what happens.

  2. Sound logic if Mbaise priests and religious are accepted all over the world then they should accept one Awka priest as their bishop.
    Unfortunately in the real world instead of every position being for service, some especially leadership positions are used to lord it over others. If it is truly the church of Christ the bishop should be the lowliest and meekest servant in the diocese but we all know he is the Lord Bishop in name and indeed

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