Some countries try juvenile offenders as adults.
Because they committed adult crimes.
I never knew that crime discriminated.
Have humans extended discrimination to crime?
Can adults commit juvenile crimes?
And be tried as juveniles?

If juveniles merit adult time for adult crimes.
What will the solution be?
To give juveniles adult privileges?
Married juveniles are less likely to commit adult crimes.
Beer drinking juveniles are likely to be law-abiding.
Smoking teenagers are more levelheaded.
Voting teenagers will enact legislation favorable to teenagers.
Gun toting teenagers can prevent adult crimes.
As one adult puts it.
“Guns in the hands of good teenagers will prevent
Bad teenagers from committing adult crimes.”

Let society empower teenagers.
By giving them adult privileges.
And prevent them from committing adult crimes.
Since teenage crimes are more rampant,
In societies where adult crime is high.
And teenagers are denied adult rights.
But tried as adults when they commit adult crimes.
Teenagers should demand adult rights.

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