What a color!
Looks great on anything.
If you cannot decide, choose black.
Good on automobiles.
Good on suits.
Good on gowns.
You cannot go wrong with black.

Except when a human is black.
The hate begins.
Because of envy.
Lighter skin hues,
Spend hours under the Sun trying to be black.

A single drop of Black blood,
Makes a human black.
White blood cannot claim the same feat.
Nor yellow blood.
Nor red blood.
Nor brown blood.

What you cannot have,
You hate.
Please complain to your God,
To reincarnate you as black.
Instead of hating those,
Already painted black by God.
Black is strong.

2 thoughts on “BLACK

  1. Yes indeedr, superb colour for things but not for humans according to some people. Meanwhile, Humans are more superior. They should deal with it. QED.

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