Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu recently felt the power of a US President. The Prime Minister insulted and demeaned the Presidency of Barack Obama by entering the US in an official capacity in 2015 without Presidential approval. To further compound matters, he addressed a mainly Republican Joint US Congressional Assembly, aiming to overturn a nuclear treaty brokered after a difficult and laborious negotiation with Iran. He failed woefully but the damage was done.

His visit was an insult to the black race. Every political pundit agreed that such a visit would not have occurred under a white Democratic or Republican President. Members of Congress, mainly democratic and some Jewish stayed away from the macabre display of arrogance. Some sensible Israelis were against his visit but he soldiered on.

Every international scholar agrees that building of settlements on occupied land is unlawful under international law. Imagine the US occupying Germany after World War II and building condominiums in Berlin. Subsequently, Americans are flown from New Jersey to occupy these condominiums. Meanwhile as the Germans are negotiating with the Americans to recover Berlin, more American condominiums are going up in Berlin. This is the situation in Palestine today.

America has always shielded Israel from international condemnation which it deserves by vetoing UN Security Council Resolutions condemning Israeli action in Palestine. President Obama may condone hatist Republican Americans denying his Presidency but a foreign leader? Now, Mr. Netanyahu will realize that an American President is a very powerful person indeed, regardless of color. Insult a President before his own people and he will insult your nation before the world.

Now it is payback time. President Obama returned the Netanyahu insult by abstaining from the December 2015 UN Security Council Resolution condemning annexation of Palestinian land. Instead of Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu putting his head between his legs and walking away, he is issuing threats. He has banned officials from countries abstaining or supporting the resolution from visiting Israel. Perhaps, he has forgotten that the Holy Land belongs to all believers – Christians, Jews, and Muslims. Africastallestman has visited Israel and will be going again despite Netanyahu.

I see similarities between Trump and Netanyahu. Netanyahu holds onto power by cultivating the extreme left (old right) in Israeli politics just as Trump cultivates the extreme left in America. I see a great friendship evolving between the two.

Mr. Netanyahu boasted during his last electioneering campaign in 2015 that Palestinians should forget a two-state solution. If America had not vetoed this UN Resolution, it would have emboldened Netanyahu to annex Ramallah. Africastallestman is a Jewish African who believes that the first step to a lasting Middle East peace is for Israel to discard Benjamin Netanyahu and elect a prime minister in the mold of Yitzhak Rabin of blessed memory. As they say it, the fish starts rotting from the head.

Next Vladimir Putin will feel the power of the US President after interfering in the 2016 Presidential Election that saw the election of the chief Obama denier, Donald J. Trump as the US President.

Africastallestman will keep you posted as the saga unfolds.


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