Since the Sultan of Sokoto, His Eminence , Alhaji Dr. Mohammad Sa’ad Abubakar IV has diagnosed the cause of slaughtering of Igbos since 1953 in Northern Nigeria, he is the only one who can treat the disease.
His diagnosis: “I want to say that nobody in the North aims to kill any Igbo because he is an Igboman. They are killed because they are the industrious ones found in everywhere and in every village but nobody plans or sends people to kill the Igbos.”
His Treatment: Issue a Fatwa as the head of all Nigerian Muslims that any Muslim engaged in the killing of Igbos will be publicly beheaded. The killing will stop immediately. Failure to do so implies complicity.
Why don’t the incited murderous gangs kill fellow Hausa-Fulani Muslims who are also industrious and are found in all parts of Nigeria? His excuse for genocide is lamer than no excuse. Only international condemnations coupled with travel bans, asset forfeiture, and prosecution by the ICC (International Criminal Court) of the inciters or condoners of the Igbo genocide will stop the carnage.
The Sultan’s message should be broadcast on all Hausa language radio stations weekly. Imams must make the peaceful coexistence of all tribes in Nigeria part of every Friday sermon. If the Sultan implements these measures killing of Igbos will become history.


  1. Good thought, indeed Africastallestman. Tell truth to power, simple, as that. Thanks for your rare insight.

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