Some clownish voters who are supposedly educated, and desirous of getting on television, are claiming to be undecided on their Presidential Candidate choices, two weeks to an election. They achieve their aim of getting on TV but might lose their right to vote. The authorities have finally caught up with their deceit and have decided to act.

Several American State Governments are proposing to ban any potential voter who claims to be undecided, one month to an election, from voting in that election. Their lies may have finally caught up with them. If you have not decided on your choice for the President, one month to an election, after one year of intense campaigning by the candidates, you might as well not vote, because you do not know what you are voting for.

Africastallestman is elated at this new development. There should be a worldwide ban on undecided voters muddling elections. Let’s leave elections to the informed.

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