Apparently the present Buhari administration, headed by General Muhammadu Buhari, a cattle rancher, thinks that Nigerians are cattle. He has proposed establishing cattle ranches all over Nigeria. Initially, these ranches were thought to benefit the Fulani herdsmen, who are always slaughtering farmers for protesting the wanton destruction of their farms by Fulani cattle.

On the contrary, an investigation by Factus has revealed that Buhari thinks that Nigerians are cattle, that must be whipped into shape. These ranches are being developed for “indisciplined” Nigerians who will be sent there, to be whipped into shape. These human ranches will be manned by the WAI (War Against Indiscipline) Police. Once you are whipped into shape, you are released to the larger society.

But has Buhari learnt any lessons from his first adventure into Nigeria’s highest office? Apparently, he has not. After mercilessly whipping Nigerians during his first coming, he has reintroduced whipping. However, Nigerians are not cattle! His present whipping of the economy and people has caused the mortality rate in Nigeria to rise.

Initially, Nigerians cheered his whipping during his first stint in office, but the cheering turned into jeers as he whipped everything, including people, the economy, security forces, the judiciary, legislature, and cattle into stupor.

Recession set in, and it was not long before the whipper became the whipped. Nigerians cheered and jubilated when Buhari was whipped out of office by Ibrahim Babangida. Even the Buhari cattle were heard by one Alhaji Garba Ntianu (an animal whisperer) complaining to other cattle, that they could not bear the Buhari whipping anymore and will run away to the neighboring farm. And you thought that animals are not clever!

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