Doctors tell us that about 50% of all pregnancies end naturally in abortion, yet the pro-lifers are not angry with God. About 21% of viable pregnancies are aborted medically according to the Guttmacher Institute. One would expect the religionists to be angrier with God than with health care providers! After all, God kills more unborn babies. All the hotbeds of the pro-life or anti-abortion movements are in the Southern States of the USA or in states that border the Southern States. These states also have the Death Penalty in their Legal Statutes. Death Penalty is what I call “Adult Abortion.” The killing of adult human beings with spectators in the stands is a sport enjoyed by the pro-life groups.

According to a 2006 Guttmacher Institute study, most abortions (88 percent) are performed before 12 weeks. As the astute observer will notice, no protest signs carried by the garrulous pro-life protesters state that the protesting pro-lifers are willing to adopt babies whose abortions they prevented, nor do these pro-lifers contribute to agencies that sponsor adoptions at a rate higher than members of the pro-choice or abortion-favoring movements. Even if pro-lifers are willing to adopt all the babies whose abortions, they forestalled, Randie Bencanann, a foremost adoption expert stated in an online article in the Rewire of October, 20, 2014 that, “In fact, I wish abortion had been more readily available to many of the clients I worked with.” She was referring to her over 27 years of work in the field of adoption, averaging about 80 adoptions a year.

The hypocrisy of the pro-lifers is unprecedented. What is more painful to the victim; killing an 8-week fetus with a still evolving nervous system, or killing a fully developed 28-year old usually black man by electric shock, or the agonizing so-called lethal injections that have a failure rate of over 7% according to the Death Penalty Information Center? Aborting an unwanted baby prevents the birth of a usually black individual who may end up in the death chamber. The pro-lifers are not interested in ending hatism and discrimination nor are they interested in fighting for equal voting rights, full employment, equal education, equal access to health care including birth control, and equal housing for all citizens. Access to health care is very poor amongst Minorities in America.

All they are interested in, is a steady supply of humans usually minorities to serve as fodder for the death chambers. The death penalty is the modern lynching of black people. Crowds gather in the observation stands of the death chambers to watch the execution of black people, some of whom are innocent of the crimes for which they have been convicted. Similar crowds gathered to watch the public lynching of innocent blacks in the Southern States in the so-called Jim Crow era which still exists today, albeit in an economic form.

Death has become a spectator sport and I suspect that a good number of the spectators are pro-lifers. Any movement that turns a blind eye to the judicial killing of minorities especially black men and vehemently and violently protests abortion should not be taken seriously. We will start countenancing the pro-lifers and taking them serious when they also join the anti-death penalty and civil equality movements or start adopting unwanted babies in droves.


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