Admitting a Mistake is Wisdom!

Admitting a Mistake is Wisdom!

Show me somebody who has not made a mistake in life and I would show you a dolt. Even God may have made a “mistake” by initially creating only Adam. God promptly corrected the “mistake” by creating Eve to keep Adam happy, busy, and occupied.

If you put a round peg in a square hole, time will not correct the error, you will have to remove the round peg from the square hole and insert it in a round hole. Prayers will not correct your mistake, nor will time. Giving excuses will not correct the error. First, you admit your error and then correct it. Denying your mistake is cretinic. Admitting your mistake is wisdom.

Mistakes may be made at the National, State, Local Government, Community, Family and Personal levels. No matter where it occurs, admit the damn mistake, correct it, if it is correctable, and move on.

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