Nigeria is a sovereign nation that cannot fly its athletes to Rio, Brazil for the Olympic Games. A sovereign nation that cannot feed its athletes in Brazil for the Olympic games. A sovereign nation that does not know that Olympic games are scheduled every four years. The sovereign Nigerian state needs to be reminded that the 2020 Olympic Games will be held in Tokyo, Japan. May be its athletes may start paddling across the Atlantic and India Oceans starting in 2019 to arrive in Tokyo in 2020. The sovereign Nigerian state without a sovereign airline would have lost all the foreign carriers that used to connect it to other countries by 2019, if the current rate of pull-out from Nigeria continues.

The only time Nigeria fully asserts its sovereignty is when it comes to monetary gifts given to its starving footballers in Brazil by foreign sympathizers. Dr. Katsuya Takasu, a Japanese plastic surgeon and football enthusiast, learning of the financial difficulties of the Nigerian Football Team in Brazil, made a cash donation of $390,000 to encourage the team. However, Mr Amaju Pinnick, the NFF (Nigerian Football Federation) president, claiming that Nigeria is a sovereign nation, wants the money to undergo the sovereign (stealing) process through his office. This is the same office that did not “sovereign” any money to the Football Team for its trip to the Olympic Games. Thank you, Delta Airlines, for saving the day.

It may interest Mr. Pinnick to know that my Nigerian friend, Mr. Olè Ori Barawo recently received the sum of $550,000.00 from his Swedish girlfriend. Since this gift did not go through the sovereign process, I am giving the authorities his address. Mr. Olè Ori Barawo lives at 23 Wayo Street, Abuja, Nigeria and his cellphone number is +234 888 808 2888. Please apprehend him before he spends his gift. The sovereign process must apply to all foreign gifts. NGOs (Non-Governmental Organizations) that solicit and receive foreign donations should take note.

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