In Konga and other African countries, stealing a loaf of stale bread is instantly punished by stoning to death or roasting to death. Once you are accused of stealing, a mob gathers and becomes the judge, jury, and the executioner. You are either stoned to death or an old, discarded automobile tire is hung on your neck, followed by gasoline, which is then lighted by a match. Talking about matches, as the West cuts down on smoking, Africa is ramping it up, with the profits going to Western tobacco companies while the misery and death accrues to African nations!

It would be more appropriate for these mobs to deliver the same justice on the fantastically corrupt. But these criminals whose abodes and itineraries are publicized roam Konga without fear of molestation. They are celebrated and hailed. I am against any form of capital punishment and anybody found guilty of extrajudicial killing should pay the maximum punishment. My hope is that the moribund legislature in Konga will enact laws to address this scourge that diminishes our humanity.

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