The British “Colonial Masters” that created nightmarish monstrosities of land masses called countries in Africa and Asia to exploit native natural resources during their illegal occupation and to further their pecuniary pursuits past independence are now balking from being united with their brethren in Europe. What a hypocrisy! A good example is Nigeria where their amalgamation of disparate peoples, disparate cultures and disparate religions has created a giant dwarf of Africa that continues to underperform. There are more Nationalities in Nigeria than the whole European Union!

During British colonial rule in Africa and Asia, the country that united Buddhists with Moslems, Animists with Christians, Pastoralists with Farmers, Nasalists with Oralists, Short statured with Tall statured people in the name of fostering “national unity” is Brexiting the European Union in the mistaken belief that the British economy is better without Europe. When they were uniting people of antagonistic dispositions, did they think about the economic interests of the inhabitants of those territories? No, they did not. They only thought of a contrived unity whose sole aim was to divide and rule their captive populations.

If it was not a false unity why would Britain want to abandon their brethren in Europe who speak the same Romance languages, profess the same Christianity, and come from the same Caucasian stock and retreat to their insular domain? Why would such a promoter of “worldwide unity” not champion the cause of European unity. However, after they tried to change the rules of the European Union to favor them and failed, they are now Brexiting (exiting) the European Union. I wish President Charles de Gaulle would resurrect from the dead and throw Britain out of the European Union before they Brexited. He was right to oppose British applications in 1963 and 1967. Europe will be better off without the half membership of Britain which professes to be part of the EU but uses the pound instead of the Euro.
Hypocrites will always be hypocrites.


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