The British experiment with the European Union is over. Britain tried to reap the rewards of EU membership without paying the costs of membership. While the EU uses the EU Euro as its only currency, Britain continued to use the British Pound as its currency. To the astute observer, Britain by using the pound had a competitive financial advantage over other EU countries because it can easily manipulate its currency through interest rate changes, monetary easing, and other financial policies. The effect of the second biggest EU economy operating outside the Eurozone may have exacerbated the effects of the 2007-2008 financial crisis on the EU. Britain wanted access to the EU market but did not want the EU immigration policy, labor laws or environmental laws. Polish plumbers and Romanian Rummagers are not welcome in London, but Massey Ferguson tractors should be standard issue in Warsaw and Bucharest!

Prime Minister Cameron won his premiership by promising to hold a referendum on British membership of the EU. His gamble backfired. Despite his vigorous campaign against Brexit, Britain voted to exit the EU. Before Britain exited, Mr. Cameron tried to bully the EU, especially Chancellor Angela Merkel for special considerations, which were not granted. Angela Merkel may not be as burly as ex-Chancellor Helmut Kohl, but she is no pushover. EU meetings became fractious and riotous and turned into heavyweight matches of David vs. Angela. Unlike in the Bible, Angela beat David and David withdrew to his island.

Some Brexiters have given the main reasons for the British exit as nationalism, independence, and interference from Brussels. What was Britain thinking when it created false unions called countries all over the world in the heydays of British imperialism? For a country that fought the Crusade, to lump Moslems and Christians in one country is evil because there will never be peace in that country unless the Moslems get their way. They created these countries for exploitative purposes. They continue to manipulate these countries like a puppeteer with strings. In the interest of justice, equity and Fair Play, Britain should spearhead the organization of referenda in her former colonies to stem the human carnage, liberate the creative energy, and invigorate the innate intellectual abilities of the inhabitants of her former colonies.

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