In the Jim Crow days of hatism, it was the law to publicly execute black people in mob orchestrated and choreographed shows called lynching. With the passage of Civil Rights Laws in the 1960’s and the efforts of the Southern Poverty Law Center and the NAACP Legal Defense and Educational Fund (LDF), it is now illegal to openly lynch black people. Their efforts have also made the KKK (Ku Klux Klan) an irrelevant organization. But Civil Righters should not gloat because another form of lynching has reared up its ugly head in America and it is legal. It is called justifiable police murder. A white police person with a GED (General Educational Development) and a six-month diploma from a Community College in a police uniform can kill a black tenured professor at Harvard University because the police person is afraid of his/her life. Whose life is more important and is easily replaceable? The answer is obvious. The police officer can be replaced in 6 months, but it will take 20 years to replace the professor. In egalitarian, civilized, and decent societies; the professor would be justified to kill this police officer in self-defense. But not in America, the police officer would kill the professor, and IF, in capitals, there is any indictment and possibly trial of the murderous officer, a jury of the professor’s “peers” usually consisting of illiterate white people would acquit and discharge the police officer because any black person no matter your status is a criminal.

Has anybody thought that KKK members can hide under the law to kill black people? The Supreme Court’s decision to give the police unlimited powers to harass and search black people was codified in a case brought by a black person who was illegally searched by police officers after a routine traffic stop. Since that decision, police assassinations of black people have skyrocketed. The police stops you for cross-eyed headlamps, orders you out of the car, spread eagles you in full public view, undresses you with a pat down and while this is going on, another officer proceeds to turn your car upside down looking for narcotics. When you are asked for identification and you mistakenly pull out your device for smoking your medically prescribed marijuana, the officer pulls his/her gun and empties the entire magazine into you. Reason: The police officer mistook the device for a gun and was afraid of his/her life. The white prosecutor rules it a justifiable homicide because the officer who just killed somebody more valuable to society is not culpable of first-degree murder because the victim is black.

Is there a way out? Yes.
1. The Supreme Court should reverse itself on unnecessary discretionary police searches.
2. Police officer recruitment should be open to public scrutiny. That police officer who executed a black person may be the same student that avoided black people in high school and college and belongs to many conservative groups trying to conserve hatism.
3. There should be a public comment period by members of the community before a police officer is hired. To prevent rotten officers moving from one jurisdiction to another, there should also be a public comment period by members of the last community where the would-be police officer served or lived.
4. When you are given the right to kill people under the guise of the law, your would-be victims should have a say in your hiring.
5. Requiring a minimum of a baccalaureate degree as the minimum qualification for police officers.
6. With the implementation of these policies, members of the KKK posing as police officers would be curtailed or eliminated.

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