General Oil bribes Alhaji Oil
ten million dollars
to exploit OPL 007
in the Bight of Biafra.

United Gas bribes Alhaja Gas
five million dollars
to exploit gas reserves
in the Gulf of Guinea.

General Coup overthrows
the Government of Anajiri.
Alhaji Oil and Alhaja Gas
escape to the US and UK respectively.

The US and UK Governments
seize the illicit assets of
Alhaji Oil and Alhaja Gas
which reverts to the US and UK.

Africans, please shine your eyes
because corruption in Anajiri is
lucrative to the US and UK as
the bribes return to the BRIBERS.

The West bribes to
exploit African resources
aware that the bribes
are lodged in the West.

Now you know
why the West loves,
adores, and props up
corrupt leaders in Africa.

African Polithiefians
keep your bribes in Africa
and watch bribery
disappear from the African landscape.

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