Nigeria’s President Alhaji Major General Muhammadu Buhari cast his secret ballot in Katsina and showed his choice of Alhaji Adekunle Tinubu as his successor to the whole world. By that singular act, Alhaji Buhari has invalidated his vote, compromised the election, and influenced the election of his successor.

A secret ballot becomes an open ballot when the world knows your choice and you have the power to influence other voters. Buhari’s action would be illegal in the Republic of Bananistan — the number one banana republic in the world — and indeed in any voting Democracy or Rigocracy.

Buhari’s action confirms the planned rigging of the 2023 Presidential Election by manipulating the currency through artificial scarcity, hoarding petroleum products, registering underage voters, loading the Supreme Sharia Court with spaghetti Judges, denying and dumping of PVCs — Permanent Voters Card — and compromising the Independent National Electoral Commission.

Spaghetti Judges bend to the will of the Executive and are known to routinely overturn elections. Candidates are not elected into any position in Nigeria but are selected by the Executives, INEC, and the Supreme Sharia Court acting in cahoots. Nigeria is not a country but a source of raw materials — human and natural — for the West and East.

Keeping Nigeria in perpetual turmoil through rigged elections, supervised by International observers is the goal of the East and West. The result is that political instability in Nigeria maintains Nigeria as a major supplier of natural and human raw materials for the East and West. And you thought that slavery ended with the disappearance of the tall British slave ships!


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