Right is just
What is just with Racism and Hatism — Nothing
Yet Racists and Hatists are Right

Right is proper conduct
What is right with the maltreatment of Refugees — Nothing
Yet those who put Refugees in cages are Right

Right is right conduct
What is right with blocking police reform legislation — Nothing
Yet those who support police brutality are Right

Right is truth
What is right with denying Slavery— Nothing
Yet politicians who deny Slavery are Right

Right is correct
What is correct with supporting the Death Penalty — Nothing
Yet those who support the Death Penalty are Right

Right is the right answer
Is the right answer to eliminating poverty more Prisons — No
What about more Education, more Jobs, more Healthcare

Right is suitable
Is it suitable to house the poor in slums — No
Yet the Right finds it suitable to block fair housing

Right is appropriate
Is it appropriate to deny abortion to victims of Rape and Incest — No
Yet those who deny abortions to victims of Rape and Incest are Right

Right is straight
Is it straight to use crooked taxation to oppress the poor — No
Yet the Right shifts the burden of taxation to the poor

Right is real
What is real with treating Blacks and Coloreds as less than Humans — Nothing
Yet the Right treats Blacks and Coloreds as Animals

Right is genuine
Is it genuine to keep claiming you are right when you are hurting Humans — No
Yet the Right genuinely believes that poverty alleviation is Wrong

Solution: The current Right is not Right and should be addressed as the Left or the Wrong. The current Left becomes the Right. Continuing to address Evil as Right is giving rise to so-called Nationalistic movements where the Right is excluding migrants, murdering minorities, hoarding income, executing the innocent, denying women’s rights, denying children’s rights, stoking wars, and cuddling slave owners.

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