Yorubas talk more thrash than Igbos
Yorubas are as boastful as Igbos
Yorubas are as ostentatious as Igbos
Yorubas are as compromisable as Igbos.

Why are Yorubas not as hated as Igbos?

Yorubas are found only in Yoruba land
Yoruba traits are only known to Nigerians in Yoruba land
Igbos are found all over Nigeria
Igbo traits are known to all Nigerians.

Nigerians, please accept Yoruba and Igbo traits
These are two of the most accommodating tribes in Nigeria
These two tribes are the most patriotic in Nigeria
Their traits are harmless and are meant to boost their personal egos.

Please, Can Nigerians All Get Along.

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