Timothy Weah, the son of a sitting President of Liberia plays for the US National Football team.
If the son of the President of Liberia ran from Liberia, why would the son of the groundnut seller remain in Liberia?

Will Serena McConnell, the daughter of the Minority Leader in the US Senate play lawn tennis for Namibia — No.
Will Simone Biden, the daughter of President Joe Biden, compete in gymnastics for Nigeria — No.

Will Michael Gingrich, the son of Newt Gingrich, play basketball for Niger Republic — No.
Why would the child of a sitting African President play sports under the flag of another country — Genetic impairment.

Is it any wonder that a doubly impeached US President described Africa as a shit hole — No.
Will a third impeachment persuade Donald Trump to withdraw his statement and apologize — No.

George Weah — President of Liberia — and Timothy Weah — his son — have proven Trump right.
The African malady can only be cured by genetic engineering or by time dependent genetic mutation.

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