Van Gogh was creative
Was Van Gogh crazy?
Yea, Van Gogh was very gaga

Michael Jackson was creative
Was Michael Jackson crazy?
Yea, Michael Jackson was moonstruck

Prince was creative
Was Prince crazy?
Yea, Prince only sees purple rain

Ludwig van Beethoven was creative
Was Ludwig van Beethoven crazy?
Yea, Ludwig van Beethoven was a loony

Was Virginia Woolf was creative
Was Virginia Woolf crazy?
Yea, Virginia Woolf was whacko

Ernest Hemingway was creative
Was Ernest Hemingway crazy?
Yea, Ernest Hemingway was haywired

Isaac Newton was creative
Was Isaac Newton crazy?
Yea, Isaac Newton was non compos mentis

Judy Garland was creative
Was Judy Garland crazy?
Yea, Judy Garland was gaga

Jaco Pastorius was creative
Was Jaco Pastorius crazy?
Yea, Jaco Pastorius was bipolar

Robert Schumann was creative
Was Robert Schumann crazy
Yea, Robert Schumann was a schizophrenic

Jiminy Hendrix was creative
Was Jimi Hendrix crazy
Jiminy Hendrix was manic-depressive

Do you want to be creative
Yea, get a crazy gene transplant
Your creativity is assured!

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