All stand.
All be seated.
“Ashkan, are you a dog?”
No, your honor.
“Nazanin, are you a dog?
No, your honor.
“Agreeded, you are married
Why were you having sex as dogs?”
Nazanin and Ashkan simultaneously,
“We are sorry.”
“You are both sentenced to
Ten years at Evin Prison
Hard labor of course.”
Thank you, your honor
For the light sentence.

“You are a spy.”
No, your honor.
“Why were you wearing
The shirt of the Great Satan?”
Your honor, it was a gift.
“Yes, a gift from Satan”
“That flag may have 50 cameras,
You are to be given 50 lashes,
A lash for each flag.”
Thanks, your honor
My friend got 5 years at Evin.

Whether you are Iranian,
Iranian-Anycountry or visiting
Iran, beware of the
Iranian Morality Police.
What is moral in any country
May warrant imprisonment or
The death penalty in Iran.
The Iranian Morality Police has
Eyes all over Iran and is
Recording all your activities.
Poop standing and get arrested!

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