One strict requirement for the Nigerian President is
Harboring an unknown illness, yes an unknown illness.
An illness so unknown that it can only be
Managed with the Federal treasury and resources.
Recovery usually follows Federal intervention.

Umaru Musa Yar’Adua qualified for
Nigeria’s Presidency by harboring an
Unknown and mysterious illness.
He died because he chose Saudi hospitals
Over the London Hospital for Unknown Illnesses.

Goodluck Jonathan completed Yar’Adua’s term.
Goodluck Jonathan was promptly
Voted out of office for refusing to
Contract an unknown illness
While serving as Nigeria’s President.

Another President with an unknown illness,
Alhaji Muhammadu Buhari, succeeded Jonathan.
Despite being a Wahhabist Islamist, Alhaji Muhammadu Buhari,
Shunned Saudi hospitals and spent half his
First tenure at the London Hospital for Unknown Illnesses.

Buhari’s organs were exchanged for younger organs
With funds from the Nigerian Treasury.
Buhari did so well that he looks younger in
Twenty twenty two than at his inauguration in 2015.
Buhari briefly contemplated a third term.

Tinubu may be a billionaire but he
Needs the Federal Treasury and resources to
Manage or cure his various unknown illnesses.
Emi lo kan — it is Tinubu’s turn — to
Serve as Nigeria’s next sick President!

No one should deny Tinubu his turn.
Tinubu is the only qualified Presidential Candidate
By virtue of his numerous unknown illnesses.
Tinubu is much sicker than Yar’ Adua or Buhari and
Shall win the 2023 Presidential election by a landslide.

Emi lo kan!

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