Internet Lunatics revel in fabricated Glurge.
Real events are twisted, embellished, and emotionalized,
Trapping and inebriating the Gullible ninety five percent.
So Gullible and inebriated with emotion that fabricated
Content becomes must read and must forward content.

Professors, peasants, priests, passengers, and politicians become
Embroiled with primitive emotions and are used by Internet Lunatics to
Disseminate Glurge, Glurge easily debunked by a Google or Bing search.
Emotional primitivity does not respect social, political, or educational status.
A primitivity so naive and primordial that dissenting opinions verified by Google or Bing searches
May incite violent behavior in Gullibles, Gullibles prone to intoxication by Glurge fabricated by Internet Lunatics.

Yea, what do you know, are Google and Bing God?
Just go with the flow, my friend, this post has moral lessons.
Yea, is distorting a real story to suit your morality, moral — No?
Yea, is plagiarizing content written by someone else moral — No?
Yea, an immoral, fabricated, outlandish post has no moral lesson.
Yea, are posts distorted by Internet Lunatics to garner views and likes, moral — No?

The subscriptions and incomes of Internet Lunatics grow while their followers’ misinformation simultaneously grows.
Misinformation creates and propagates conspiracy theories, hatism, and racism, thereby, promoting world disorder.
Please stop patronizing Internet Lunatics, verify before forwarding because you are what you forward.
Forwarded as received does not absolve you of complicity in engendering CRAP.

CRAP — Consciously Rebroadcasting Adverse Propaganda©️
CRAP — Content Repackaged And Provocative©️
CRAP — Confused Rambunctious Annoying Person©️
CRAP — Constipated Rantings And Posturing©️
No matter the embellishments, CRAP is CRAP!

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