Racist people elect Racist Leaders.
Hatist people elect Hatist Leaders.
Warmongering people elect Warmongering Leaders.
Demagogic people elect Demagogic Leaders.
Gullible people elect Gullible Leaders.
Corrupt people elect Corrupt Leaders.
Cynical people elect Cynical Leaders.
Altruistic people elect Altruistic Leaders.

Beheading people elect Beheading Leaders.
Religious people elect Religious Leaders.
Dirty people elect Dirty Leaders.
Lying people elect Lying Leaders.
Murderous people elect Murderous Leaders.
Hypocritical people elect Hypocritical Leaders.
Conniving people elect Conniving Leaders.
Assholic people elect Assholic Leaders.

Africans elect African Leaders.
Americans elect American Leaders.
Asians elect Asian Leaders.
Europeans elect European Leaders.
Blame Africans for Acts of African Leaders.
Blame Americans for Acts of American Leaders.
Blame Asians for Acts of Asian Leaders.
Blame Europeans for Acts of European Leaders.

Leaders change when people change.
Genetic change may be needed for
People to change, a change that is
Reflected in a change of Leadership.
When you are harmed by a country
Blame the people who elected the Leaders.
Leaders reflect the people of the TIMES.
Times change people and Leaders.

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