The nouveau rich especially
The newly rich from poor backgrounds or
More appropriately, from backgrounds
Mired in penury and abject poverty,
For generations and generations and generations,
Exhibit an obnoxious disdain for those still
Mired in penury and abject poverty.

The nouveau rich scorn food, drinks, and the
Poor oxygen that sustained them during poverty,
Forgetting that oxygen is oxygen is oxygen.
The nouveau rich abandon their poor friends for
Their newly discovered new friends and fancies,
Forgetting that their new friends tolerate their
Riches and not their poor provenance.

The nouveau rich are ostentatious and
Project an air of feigned superiority,
Far in excess of their self worth and accomplishments.
The nouveau rich can be seen, smelt, and heard
From miles and use worldly possessions to
Compensate for their poor provenance.
Pompous arrogance betrays poor provenance.

Are the NOUVEAU RICH listening?
Riches are ephemeral and may disappear as
Rapidly as they came, enjoy your blessings but
Endeavor not to look condescendingly on
Those still struggling with the vicissitudes of life.
Riches are known to skip generations and your
Succeeding generation may become mired again in poverty!

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